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Gay Dad And Son Story

Gay Dad And Son Story

Gay Dad And Son Story

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Gay Dad And Son Story – Jimmy came to my wife, Skyler , and me, as foster children. When he was five years old after his parents were died in a car accident. At first we were happy to take him home until adoption could be arranged. But over time, Skyler and I decided we wanted to keep it in our family so we adopted him. He was a very sweet child – always friendly and helpful. Bright blue eyes and dark brown hair, his body rather chubby but not fat.

When Jimmy grew up his body changed – he grew tall, around  5.9 feet. And he started gymnastics and running in school so his body became clear and lean. We will walk together because of that and swimming is the only form of training that I get. My body is fine – not muscular but well defined. I have cut brown hair, brown eyes, hairy chest and runner’s legs. My cock is about seven inch uncut and my ball is tight.

I was only 41 years old when Jimmy was 18 years old. Although there were differences in our age, it did not cause problems. He and I were very close when Skyler left us for a work when Jimmy was 15 years old. After the initial surprise she left, we always laughed and joked, went camping, fishing. We both don’t know anything about mechanics or cars and don’t really want to.

 – We love movies, books, and share the same musical tastes. I don’t know when it first started, but sometimes when we watch movie together. He always puts a pillow on my lap and lay his head on pillow. My arms will wrap around him as he lies there.

When Jimmy is 18 we go camping in the summer. We have always gone to a quiet place close to a large pool where we can swim. We have a very hot summer. After installing the tent, we decided to swim. That’s when Jimmy found he did not bring his swimmer.

“It’s okay, Jimmy” I said. “There are no people  around except me, you can skinny dip”. Saying that, he took off his shorts and shirt and stood in front of me in. Tight pants that showed a protruding package and a rounded ass. I have never seen it before with very little clothes on. And when I looked at it, my cock began to throb up. Jimmy ran and jumped in the pool. I stripped my boxer and quickly joined him in the water so he hopefully did not see my hardening cock.

 – After about 15 minutes, we have cooled and come out of the pool. We were not dressed but just laying on our picnic blankets in our clothes to let the sun dry us. Jimmy’s pants almost pierced when wet and I could see the lines  of his genitals. After talking about travel, weather, and many other meaningless banter, Jimmy said something I didn’t expect.

“Dad, I think I might be gay”. I didn’t expect him to say that at the time, but that didn’t surprise me.
“Okay. Does that worry you?” I ask.
“Just how it will affect you and me.”

I leaned over and put my hand on his  arm. “Jimmy, I love you whether you are straight, gay, bi, or if you want a sex change. You are my child. And to be honest, I’ve played with guys before I get married.”

He chuckled and said, “Well, I don’t want sex change. I love my dick!” His cock grew louder in his pants. I could see the thick outline getting bigger. And the head of his genitals began to peak at the top of his underwear. I have been playing with some guys many years before and I haven’t had much sex since Skyler left. So seeing his cock become so big and hard in his panties has an effect on my cock.

 – I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to have sex with my son. I want to see his cock in all that glory. I want to hold it and suck it when I play with the ball. I want to feel the cum spurt out from the piss gap into my mouth.

Jimmy moved closer and put his head on my chest, his hands resting on my nipples. He looked down my body and my cock my boxer tent. I can feel the  hard cock at my feet. I hugged him tightly and kissed the top of his head. His hands moved on my chest and stomach, stopping when his fingers touched the belt of my shorts.

“Dad, I know this is wrong, but can I touch your cock? I can see you hard.” He raised his head and looked at me. I leaned forward and gently kissed his lips, and slowly pushed my tongue into his mouth. He answered and when he kissed me again, his hand moved lower inside the boxer. And wrapped around my hard cock. I could feel it grinding his big, hard penis into my legs so I reached for it. Pulled his pants down and held on. It’s big, thick and solid like a piece of wood.

 – We kept kissing as we slowly wank each other. It didn’t take long for us to cum, almost together. But I was the first. My cock grew harder and my ball pulled tight. Then released 6 or 7 jets of hot water to my boxer and Jimmy’s hand. His cock throbbed and he shot cum high into my chest. And then about 6 times more his cock blew the load of cum on my body and hands.

Jimmy held my cum covered wrist with his hand covered in cum and brought them both to his mouth. Where he began to lick them clean. I joined him and licked his cum from my wrist. And then we kissed and shared our cum load from mouth to mouth.

After that he put his head on my  chest when I held him. We don’t talk, just laid there. The mind rages in my head – what have we just done? “What is happening right now?”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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